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Why do I need to fill out the form?

For a individual approach, Hope Poppy Researchers will move through your health issues to find out more about YOU!

We need to know your health problems, your medical diagnosis and your symptoms that are causing you the most concern.

Many of your symptoms will help us to pinpoint the minerals and nutrients that could help you.  Like calcium and magnesium being at high levels of normal help with reducing of pain in the body and for the fight versus flight response when your adrenal glands are pulling calcium and magnesium from your bones to help keep the pH of your body at normal.

I would LOve to help you a little more.  Some of you will utilise your own Doctor and others will like both your own Doctor and Hope Poppy Foundation helping you to regain control of your own body by re-mineralising the body.

Why do I need to fill out the form?: FAQ
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