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hOpe Poppy Foundation: Now Available

Utilising the minerals and nutrients in our food to boost healing properties within the body.

Welcome and thank you for visiting our Wellness Centre.  Hope Poppy Foundation is more than a series of books to help you on the road to wellness. 

Have a unique illness then write to us for a personal report.

Jennifer Stone has researched extensively to put the research together for you to understand.  Available for immediate download on any device through. Simply add your details and you’ll be able to enjoy this publication anytime, everywhere.

Donate to our Mineral profiling to different diseases to help heal the sick.

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About Hope Poppy Foundation

Hope Poppy Foundation was brought about by "Our Poppy" who loved the Cocktails for Life and wished others to enjoy the benefits of knowing more about the minerals and how they work in our body to feel well.  Fill out your information below to download your free copy of Hope Poppy Foundation today.

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Get Your Copy

This is your online guide or e-book description. Concisely describe the content included and make sure to highlight your contact details for further questions and remarks.

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Hope Poppy Foundation signature is Cocktails for Life

Hope Poppy Foundation is full of exciting information, through a series of books we have taken the time to produce just for you!  Ready to read the entire publication? It’s easy! Just provide your information to download your own copy today.

Use Cases

Our programs are to be utilised with your own medical team to help with the imbalances within the body.

For further understanding how our mineral formula works we hold lectures and hope you join us for one or more to gain the full benefits.

Latest Industry Data

By understanding your body and what it needs you can boost your mineral and nutrients to help heal the DNA.  

For those that are sick, have deficiencies within the balance of the minerals.  By helping the minerals regain control you too regain your quality of life. Enjoy!

Tips & Tools

The Hope Poppy series of books relating to the DNA look at the missing peptides within everyone who has cancer!

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The Science of the body

Pathologist- Referral from your Doctor or check out our International Pathologist options.

Our program is based on the body's minerals and vitamins which is accessed through blood tests and urine tests can be utilised.

There are other ways that can help to expose the minerals 

Hair Mineral testing

Heavy Metal Hair Mineral testing

Several testing options

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To get your copy of Hope Poppy Foundation, simply add your details below.

Sydney Australia


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Help Center

Link to the Hope Poppy Foundation series of books

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions, which you can find below. If you have additional questions not addressed here, please reach out and we will be glad to provide the answers you need.

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Why do I need to fill out the form?

For a individual approach we move through to finding out about YOU!

Do you sell hard copies?

Hard copies can be bought in the future.

How do you store my information?

Enter your FAQ answer here. Be thoughtful, write clearly and consider adding a visual to elaborate or add engagement. Check what you’ve written to make sure that it’s easy to understand for all visitors.

Our Services

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